Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have a great break everyone!

Onto new frontiers!
It was a pleasure having you all in class & I'll miss everyone, please stay in touch!

You can always see what I'm up to on my blog, which I try to update regularly:
And you can email me anytime at kali@ciesemier.com

HOORAY! Enjoy the next semester! :D

Late blog assignments

Proverb: All chili is hot; all women are jealous.

Proverb: Frog living at the bottom of the well thinks that the sky is as small as a cooking pot lid.

Self portrait.

5 people sketches and 5 environmental sketches.

Marc Boutavant and Josh Cochran

Marc Boutavant and Josh Cochran are both similar in their illustrations by using flat colors and few color schemes. They also have similar amounts of negative and filled space; as in their works illustrates the busy creatures or people, yet there’s a fair amount of space that is not used. Both of their foregrounds in their work tend to be busy, but have a solid color for the background. Since their works are busy, they are both able to use few colors in a flat style. Cochran’s Unbalanced and Boutavant’s Momix are both examples that apply to similar space, use of color, and the tools they use. Another comparison between the two is that some parts of the line work is applied on certain areas create a texture (ex. trees and fur from Boutavant’s Abracadabra, and Cochran’s textured flesh in Triton.) Both artists also have their own stylized illustrations that make both of their work unique; as in Boutavant’s artwork is mainly cute, while Cochran’s artwork is frenzied.

They are both different from each other; while Boutavant’s line work remains clean and precious with few outlines, Cochran’s line work reminds me of a sketch (but with cleaner lines, so it’s not too sketchy). Both of them use Adobe Photoshop to work with, but Cochran uses silkscreen for his finished product; on the other hand, Boutavant uses actual pictures to apply to his work, like Elephant. The content of both of their work is different also because Boutavant’s work contains a lot of cute colorful animals, whereas Cochran creates people and buildings that are mostly analogous in color scheme and are arranged in a hectic manner. Though both artists have done works that contains more than a few colors, Boutavant tends to hang out with the warmer colors while Cochran uses cooler colors. Sometimes they have a hint of complimentary color in their works too.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Go! Go! Go!

(c) Elio-- www.eliohouse.com
Here are your homework assignments in order-- remember to bring in any redos (and the original piece). If you missed any blog assignments in the past, you can post them here too.
ALSO, since I'm bringing pizza, if anyone wants to contribute any snacks...go for it!

1. Noun/verb illustration
2. 3-person band character lineup
3. Rolling Stone band illustration
4. Classic story book cover (with a monster twist)
5. "Not Measuring Up" editorial illustration AND spot illustration
6. Non-traditional self Portrait
7. 3-image Final Project

Good luck with your final week! YOU CAN DO IT! You're almost there!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Show your progress on Tuesday! Get at least 1 piece done, or all 3 pieces worked on. Bring all your work in!

I also wanted to share this great blog I found recently: http://muddycolors.blogspot.com/
(c) Greg Manchess
A whole lineup of great sci-fi/fantasy cover artists, gallery artists, and concept artists contribute to the blog, like Dan Dos Santos, Eric Fortune, Jon Foster, and Greg Manchess. I was surprised all these big-name illustrators had a blog together, but it's really great to see their progress & tips. Check it outttt.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The BONE Eater

Okay so I was thinking of my previous idea with tge animals in the wild and human heads and stuff. I felt like that type of idea had been done in some way or form. So
I went back to the things I like and I came up with The BONE Eater idea.
I would work with the idea of what a bone eater looks like, how they get their bones to eat and how they prepare their food. I feel like I could go any direction with this idea, and I'm kinda excited.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last four Walters Sketches, Final Idea

The idea i came up with for the final is pretty different than the one we discussed at the museum, but I am really excited to start working on it and I have a lot of really interesting ideas for it.

For my final I will create three illustrations that put personified versions of the fundamental forces in nature (gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces) within their unique environments. Design elements on the characters and environments will be inspired by asian art and design found at the Walters Art Museum.

Would it be alright if I created a page of three designs for each character as one of the sketches for each illustration? This way, i would be able to work out the characters themselves before trying to make the sketches for the final image.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Walter Wicks

Just to let you guys know, I found out the Walter Wicks exhibit at the museum is $6 for student admission, I think. Bring money if you're interested. See you tomorrow at 10!