Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homework/Blog Assignment 1

Here's the info for the 5 sketches due next week:

*They can be in any type of medium, as long as we get an accurate sense of what the final will look like.

*They must illustrate the concept of your two words, in any way you like. (but the viewer should be able to tell what's going on)

*Keeping the sketch sizes around quarter-page to half-a-page is a good idea. Too big and you waste too much time, too small and you can't see anything! DRAW A BOX/RECTANGLE around your sketch, DO NOT let it just bleed off the side of the page.

*Horizontal or vertical format, your choice.

*Must have a foreground, middleground, and background! No floating characters on a blank page.

*Bring your 5 sketches to class, plus any thumbnails or reference material you think is important.(MAKE COPIES before class, or tear them out of your sketchbook!)

BE CREATIVE and find a way to make the assignment fun for you!

For the blog:
Take an 30 mins to an hour and draw your favorite food (or foods) in in a medium you've never used before! (French Silk Pie is one of my favorites) It can be scary trying out something you're not good at, but don't worry about how nice your end result looks, hopefully you'll learn something in the process, good or bad! You have to draw a lot of bad things before you draw good things. Post your Favorite Food(s) to the blog before class next week.

Next week we'll be going over the sketches and working on using COLOR! Bring in color supplies & materials for in-class work!
Have a good week!

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