Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Compare and Contrast Artists

For my compare and contrast blog assignment I'd like to compare and contrast Izumi Nogawa and Mark Frederickson because of their approaches' similarities and differences that are both equally successful. Because of their specialized style and subject matter they both have a unique place in illustration that they cater to. Izumi Nogawa's style has diverse appeal and is more universal, lending itself to many different jobs, such as editiorial, advertising, and book illustrations. He focuses on female figures with floral illuminations and with the bright, saturated colors, his illustrations feel carefree and joyful. He plays with spacial depth by using line and shape and pattern to either flatten or deepen space. Because the faces of the figures are undescribed and iconicized they are open for the viewer to project themselves on, making them more universal. The dramatic poses and linework in the hair and flowers gives a sense of energy and movement to static figures. Mark Frederickson, an editorial illustrator and political cartoonist focuses on very specific characters in politics and entertainment. He exaggerates features to show his own interpretation of the characters for humor. He creates narratives in his pictures by selectively giving characters objects and actions to tell stories about themselves. His highly refined, realistic style allows him to exaggerate while still maintaining the specificity of the character. His colors fuse grungy flesh tones and greys with choice colors that pop, unlike Nogawa who maintains a consistent saturation. Frederickson also utilizes facial expression and makes the most out of it to communicate emotion while Nogawa does not. I feel that they are both equally successful because they work for their specific roles in illustration

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