Monday, November 8, 2010


Allright, so one of the illustrators Im gonna compare/contrast is Lisel Ashlock. Her artwork to me, is really well done. She has a great hand and her work makes me think. It says in the book she uses acrylic and wood panel, it seems like she's pretty much mastered acrylic. And i guessing she uses the wood block for the interesting texture it gives. It sort of gives the painting sense of life. Also, her pieces seem to kind of tell a story or scene an event happening. I went on her website and a good majority of her work is almost a story in itself.
The other illustrator i chose was Silja Gotz. Her work is really interesting to me. She uses cut paper, ink, pencil, and photoshop, and she uses them in a way ive never seen. All her work seems really meticulous but loose at the same time. Like she really understands and is able to see what she wants before she does it, rather than make it up as she goes. But it also seems like she does that a little bit too. A lot of her stuff, to me, seems to work with product design maybe. Like she majored in graphic design. All her work I can see with a graphic sort of eye. Like it would look good on a band poster or the little booklet inside the cd case. She represents herself well.
To compare them first, I noticed that they both deal with nature at some point or another, nature and animals. More so in the book than on their website. Also, there always seems to be a human presence in their works. Like its not just a landscape or background, theres always a subject or multiple subjects. And they both seem to take allot of time to make their work look great and pretty, nothing sloppy. On a note of contrast, Silja doesn't seem to like acrylic or any type of paint medium excluding ink. whereas Lisel's work is ALL acrylic. Same goes with Lisel, she doesn't seem to want to venture onto the computer and work in photoshop or illustrator. But thats all right cause they're both really good at what they do with what they do it with. Another contrast is Silja used a limited color pallet while Lisel is all over the place with her colors. The nice punch of color is always refreshing but the simple pallet gives people a sense of industry, or at least me.

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