Friday, November 26, 2010

The BONE Eater

Okay so I was thinking of my previous idea with tge animals in the wild and human heads and stuff. I felt like that type of idea had been done in some way or form. So
I went back to the things I like and I came up with The BONE Eater idea.
I would work with the idea of what a bone eater looks like, how they get their bones to eat and how they prepare their food. I feel like I could go any direction with this idea, and I'm kinda excited.

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Kali Ciesemier said...

Okay, "Bone Eater" sounds pretty interesting, but what is it? What does it look like, what's its environment? What are these images going to be of? Are your finals going to be concept art for a bone-eater character (character pages & environments/scenes)? Or are your finals going to be narrative scenes from the Bone-eater's story or its life? Or something else? Basing this bone-eater partially off of an existing myth or monster might help you answer some of these questions & inspire you. The egyptian god Ammit is actually called the Bone Eater, and the american indians have a monster called the Wendigo that inhabits cannnibals and drives them insane. It might be helpful (and fun!) to look at some of these monster stories, but you can still be creative with your own ideas. Good luck!