Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Class assignment & Inspiration resources

You all made it through the first critique! It only gets better from here!
Homework assignment:
Final image 8.5x11 or larger, any proportion. When you're doing your final, it's generally better to use a larger piece of paper than you need and then tape off the area of your image. You'll get a nice clean border & you'll be able to "see" the boundaries of your image. (same as drawing a box around your sketches)
Blog assignment:
Find one illustrator you love (or really like) in your Illustration Now book, and write 200 words on why you love them (color, subject, composition, etc.). Find another illustrator that you hate (or really dislike) in your Illustration Now book and do the same thing, 200 words. 400 words or more, total.

Color artists we looked at in class:

Tomer Hanuka
Sam Weber
Jonathon Burton
Josh Cochran (also on page 64 of your book)
Tadahiro Uesugi

Also, it seemed like a lot of you were having trouble with composition. It's really the hardest part about illustration for illustrators of any level, but it makes a huge difference in the end! Here's a resource that may be helpful:

Fundamentals of Composition Part 1 (multiple scans like the image above from a 1950's artists book--proves there is no age limit on good design!) Don't forget to click the link towards the bottom for part two!

Have a great week!

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