Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Looking through my Illustration Now! textbook I saw a few artist that I really enjoyed, but one that really stood out to me was Nishant Choksi. When I first saw his illustrations the colors really stood out to me and drew me too them. They have the feel of illustrations from the 1950’s, which really appeals to me, but he also manages to keep them modern enough that they don’t appear to be dated. They have a slightly aged and ‘vintage’ feel to them that I love. He uses contrasting, limited color extremely effectively to put emphasis only on the main parts of the piece, such as dark blue and orange and teal. I also really like his use of flat, stylized colors, because that is something I like to attempt in my own work. His linework is very minimal which really enhances the pieces’ simplicity, and draws your eye where he wants. I also enjoy his use of action lines in his pieces because I feel like they add a lot of movement to pieces that could otherwise be very static. Lastly, I just love the subjects of many of his pieces because they all seem to be somewhat science related, and I especially love his ‘Moon Explorer’ piece.

It was harder for me to choose an artist that I really didn’t like, because most of the Illustrators that I didn’t enjoy had at least one piece that I liked. However, I ended up choosing Jasper Goodall for my least favorite artist, mostly because of one set of illustrations of his that I found pretty ugly. His first piece is the work that is on the front cover, but there’s just something about it that doesn’t quite catch my interest. I think it looks like vector art (which it may or may not be, but I’m not sure), which I am not in general a fan of. I also think the colors are a little too blatant and don’t really quite work with each other. I also don’t really like the bathing suits that he designed for the same reason. Lastly, the final pieces shown of his work were probably my least favorite from the entire book. To me they looked as if they were really trying too hard, and aesthetically I found them to be extremely unattractive. The use of hot pink and lime green seems very amateurish to me, and overall they seemed very cliché. I think my dislike of his work really stems from differing aesthetic values.

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