Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Like and Dislike

So here I go procrastinating. Bear with me and my horrible writing...

Artist I like:
This was difficult for me to choose from the Illustration Now! book, because every artist stands out in their own style. Everybody in that book has something amazing going on. But so far, the one artist that doesn't leave my mind is Gez Fry. His style to me is some sort of morph between anime with something realistic, which is what I deeply long for: developing a style of my own. Looking at Fry's work gives me some sort of hope or dream, possibly because the color scheme and composition in every piece makes me want to be there. I wish to achieve perspective like him too. This Fry guy can really draw. But that's not saying that nobody else can illustrate just as well as him; I mean that Fry has a style where it's not 100% cartoon/anime, and it's not just people that he draw/create. Take a look at the first piece on page 100, there's his work Ginza. That's a good looking city right there. I don't know if Fry started drawing realistically or not when he took interest in art, but Ginza shows me that he can draw really well. That takes a shit load of practice to make it look that good.

Artist I dislike:
The dislike section is no picnic for me, but I managed to find this one artist. The name is Shout. If you take a look at Shout's artworks, it's very minimal and empty with very few color scheme (which is ironic considering the name). The artist did say something about how the details in each pieces aren't all included so that the viewers will only go straight to the core of the concept; not searching for any details. Even if Shout's goal is to leave us with the essence of his art, (rather than how the work looks like, composition, detail, etc.), I still want more. I feel so lonely looking at Shout's artworks, but the quietness of it makes me want to go over there, and pretty much shout. Then I'd run away from it; some places that are too quiet or too empty can get scary. It reminds me of that one movie, 28 Days Later, the protagonist shouts "HELLLLLOO" in his empty city, and within that empty cities are zombies. After looking at Shout's work, I don't know if it's the good kind or bad kind of loneliness/quietness, but I don't want to look at it for a long time. I don't even know if I want to talk about this anymore.

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