Saturday, September 11, 2010

Like et Dislike

One illustrator I don't like in the "Illustration Now Volume 2," book is Zeloot. His artwork, to me, is very dark, vulgar, filthy and painful. Looking at his work I feel dirty and perverted. Like I'm looking at a sort of public porno, or some hideous rape, and all I'm able to do is watch and say how terrible it is .The colors are very strong and a little disorientating along with the patterns they use in a lot of their stuff. Their work is also a little cluttered, its slightly difficult to recognize what the subject may be or what it may not be. Zeloots work also seems a little repetitive. Dark twisted patterns all over the place over and over again. Something else i don't like about Zeloots work is I don't really understand what it is that he or she is trying to say or suggesting. If i were to walk down the street and see a poster with Zeloots work on it i would more than likely cringe and quicken my pace. Zeloot maybe taking illustration geometry to a new vision in a few peoples books but not mine. Zeloots work leaves abad taste in my mouth.

Now an artist i DO like in the "Illustration Now Volume 2," book is Kimi Kimoki. Her work may not have the most obvious activity going on, but it does have movement in her figures. Her work is simple and well done. I like how Im easily drawn to the focal point of her pieces. Her painting style is attractive as well.It looks like she adds the most color to the subject and the rest of the piece stays a lighter more washed out shade to keep the focus on the subject. Her use of color is interesting to me because its mainly demonstrated on what she wants us to view. Most are told to paint the whole piece and do something different to make the subject stand out, but she does what she wants. He work seems like theres a little more freedom in it. Thats appealing to a lot of people. Another thing i like about Kimi's work is the way she places things in the image. Her juxtaposition is on point in a lot of her stuff. And i like the way she does an unfinished look to finish her pieces. Like there could be more to her work if she wanted. The unfinished-ness makes it look finished in a way. Her lines are sharp, the image is clear. I just really enjoy her work. If there were an auction of her works or i had the chance to meet her, i would definitely take advantage of that.

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