Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homework & links!

Hey everyone!
It was great seeing all your different band characters last class, I'm really looking forward to your Rolling Stone illustrations with them.
Remember: Vertical, at least 8.5x11, no text, color.

Blog assignment: 5 5-minute observational sketches of people (not just faces-- sit outside and watch people, or sketch your roommate, etc.) DRAW A RECTANGLE for each sketch and compose your sketch in the rectangle. That way you're not only observationally drawing, you're exercising your compositional muscles as well.

For the 3 people presenting next week: pick 2-3 illustrators you like (try to find at least one from another era/decade) and do a quick & informal presentation on them-- show us some of their work (from a portfolio site or images dragged into Preview) and tell us a little bit about them. Try to find professional illustrators, not just someone with a deviantart account. Besides, here are some sites with great illustrator resources (for past and present):

Golden Age of Comic Book Stories (has a lot of great older book illustrators, not just comic artists)
Illustrateurs (french site, generally fantasy-ish or comic illustrations from past and present)
Meathaus (more of an "alternative art" feel)
Illustration Mundo (a bunch of present-day illustrators)

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